【Series】 Our Noh no Ikebana : “Spring is just around the corner and trees are preparing themselves for it,” says Teruko Omura, 64, from Fukuyama city, Hiroshima(Feb. 2)

Earth waiting for spring

Earth waiting for spring

“I began Noh no Ikebana six year ago after reading articles in Japan Agricultural News.

I live close to a lot of mountains and fields which are the source of an unlimited number of materials, and I found it very interesting that I can make arrangements using natural materials in natural ways.

I do traditional ikebana since I was a junior high school student, but I think Noh no Ikebana is very special in how we can use the materials in any forms ranging from buds to dry pieces to create brisk displays.

For containers, I often chose tools that my family used a long time ago. Creating arrangements with them, I can still recollect my childhood.

I made this arrangement in thanks for rice fields while they are resting. I’m trying to call up an image of a local landscape in old times and show that spring is just around the corner and trees are already preparing themselves for it.”

<Container> a bamboo basket, bamboos, a harrow, an old cherry tree, and a hammer

<Materials> wintersweet, red Japanese apricot trees, camellia sasanqua, loquat, camellia, pine, narcissus, willow, Chinese lemons, etc.

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