Pure rice sake Shinkame collaborates with the giant turtle monster Gamera

TOKUSHIMA/SAITAMA, Nov. 11 - Shinkame, junmai pure rice sake made from 100 percent Awayamadanishiki brand rice produced in Tokushima Prefecture, collaborated with the special effects film Gamera The Giant Monster in commemoration of the release of a new series.

The collaboration version of Shinkame, meaning holy turtle, comes in a bottle with a limited edition label design in which the logo of a turtle is replaced with Gamera.

Shinkame is produced by Shinkame Brewery in Saitama Prefecture using rice cultivated in an area covered by JA Awashi, a local farm coop in Awa, Tokushima Prefecture, strictly selected based on soil quality.

The limited edition is marketed under the name GAMERA -Rebirth- Shinkame, combining the title of the new series which is streamed worldwide and the name of the brewery deriving from “the tortoise of the divine messenger.”

The collaboration has been decided as both the series and the brewery have connections with turtles.

The brewery hopes the product will open up opportunities for fans of Gamera and special effects to enjoy pure rice sake.

The product is priced at 2,420 yen for a 720-milliliter bottle and 4,400 yen for a 1,800-ml bottle.

GAMERA -Rebirth- Shinkame pure rice sake produced in collaboration with Gamera

GAMERA -Rebirth- Shinkame pure rice sake produced in collaboration with Gamera

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