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The Japan Agricultural News first began publication in 1928 under the name of Market Report. It was an editorial organization of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, but became JA’s wholly owned company in 2002.

For 85 years The Japan Agricultural News has been recognized as the only daily agricultural newspaper in Japan, and has provided comprehensive coverage of news on food and agriculture.

The core of our company’s business is the publication of the newspaper The Japan Agricultural News, the largest daily agricultural newspaper in Japan with a circulation of 400,000.

Other businesses of the company include Net Agri-Market Information which provides reports on agricultural markets and prices on the Internet, publication of frais, a magazine which offers information on farm stands run by JA members, issuing of Midori (Green), a PR brochure for consumers, consulting the public relations section of JA, sending delegations overseas and holding seminars.

Today we are facing various challenges, such as food safety being at stake, uncertainties over the future of the domestic agricultural industry, the global monopolization of food supply and environmental destruction. Our mission to build bridges between food and agriculture is becoming even more important in this time of insecurity and confusion.

We support the industries related to people’s lives and proceed together with workers of the industries. We walk hand in hand with all the people who are devoted to protecting food and agriculture, including those working for JA Group, agribusiness companies, government and local agencies, research institutions and nonprofit organizations.

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Organizational Philosophy

3 management principles

  1. The Japan Agricultural News shall report on the manifold roles and values of agriculture and farm villages, and shall work with different groups of people to contribute to creating a society of fairness and coexistence.
  2. We shall support the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JA) Group members’ effort to stand on their own feet and help the JA group give full play to its ability as a whole, and shall endeavor to become a linchpin in strengthening ties among all the cooperative organizations.
  3. All the employees of The Japan Agricultural News shall be committed to the high moral standard to uphold freedom of speech and expression, fulfill their social and cultural responsibilities and engage in newspaper publishing with fairness and decency.

4 missions

  1. We strive to provide comprehensive information on food and agriculture.
  2. We are committed to become the information center for the JA Group.
  3. We resolve to continue improving our news coverage to better serve the needs of agricultural workers.
  4. We are determined to deliver information to the public through various media.

Company Profile

(For the latest information, such as sales data, please go to the Japanese version website.)
Established in March 20, 1928.

Headquarters: Tokyo
Branches: Sapporo (Hokkaido), Sendai (Miyagi), Tokyo, Nagoya (Aichi), Osaka (Osaka), Hiroshima (Hiroshima), Fukuoka (Fukuoka), Niigata (Niigata), Nagano (Nagano), Matsuyama (Ehime)

Main business connections
The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations
National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
Japan’s Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives
Norinchukin Bank (Agricultural and Forestry Central Bank)
JA group
Dentsu Inc.
Hakuhodo Inc.
Daiko Inc.
Asahi Advertising Inc.

Nihon Shinbun Kyokai (NSK), The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association
Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations
Japan Advertising Review Organization, Inc.(JARO)
Japan Advertising Federation
Tokyo Advertising Association
Advertising council Japan
Advertising review council
Japan Marketing Association
International Co-operative Alliance (ICA)
Japan Joint Committee of Co-operatives (JJC)

Company History


Empire Agricultural Association (the central agricultural administration organization) published The Market Report, the predecessor of The Japan Agricultural News.


Changed the name of the newspaper to The Japan Agricultural News.


The National Agricultural Association succeeded the publishing of The Japan agricultural News from the Empire Agricultural Association.


National Press & Information Federation of Agricultural Co-operatives was established and succeeded the publishing of The Japan Agricultural News.


Joined the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association.


Daily publication launched.


The Sunday edition started.


Joined the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).


The news database service by “NIKKEI Telecom” started.


10,000th issue published. Circulation reached 550,000.


The federation was newly named “JA Shimbun-ren.”


The 70th anniversary


Website (Japanese version) started.

Launched “Campaign 2001- Agriculture is The Life Industry” and won the “Agricultural Journalists Award” from The Japan Agricultural Journalists’ Association.


The Japan Agricultural News Co., Ltd. established. Business transferred from JA Shimbun-ren.

Launched “Campaign 2002 – Cultivating the dawning era: proposals for agricultural revitalization”. Won the “Agricultural Journalist Award” of The Japan Agricultural Journalists’ Association.


The 75th anniversary

Launched “the Another Staff”, the supporting group for the JA website.

“Agri Photo Service” started.


Launched “Campaign 2004 – The Exciting Food School.” Won the “Agricultural Journalist Award” of The Japan Agricultural Journalists’ Association.

Founded “The Best product of the Village Award” to honor prominent processed food products produced by farmers.


Published “frais”, a magazine offering information on JA farmers’ markets.


The 80th anniversary


Launched “Campaign 2009- Food Crises.” Won the “Agricultural Journalist Award” of The Japan Agricultural Journalists’ Association.


Established a new Market Data System 2010 and won The Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Technology Prize.

Established the vegetables-and-fruits market index “Nichi-Nou INDEX” (NOPIX).

Manages the agricultural products market report site “Net Agri-Market”


Launched “Campaign 2011-Villages at Stake: Action Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.”


Started English version website.