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【Interview】 Tackling soil degradation (Jan. 7, 2015)

  How should we prevent soil degradation, which threats stable food supply? Following are interviews on two experts from China and the United States who have been raising the alarm on conservation of soil in their countries and the world. Northeast Forestry University Professor Liu Shenkui The demand for food in China is growing even further along with the increasing population. As for grains, demand for feed as well as for industrial use such as ethanol fuel has risen conspicuously, more than that for staple food. As the economy expanded, demand for livestock increased, leading to a sharp rise in production of grains for feed. Production of grains for feed … Continue reading

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【Interview】 Expert on agricultural trade warns of U.S. Congress’ moves to deliver export-boosting trade deals (Nov. 6, 2014)

  Shinji Hattori, professor emeritus of Toyo University and expert on Japanese agricultural trade, discusses the possible impact of the Republican sweep of the United States’ midterm Congressional elections on the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks. The final election results are still outstanding at the time of the interview, but it would be impossible for the Republican Party to take up 60 seats in the 100-member Senate which are necessary to end debate on a bill and move on to voting. So it would not be possible for Republicans to have complete power over the Senate. The structure of Democrats cautious about free trade hindering Republican advocates of free trade will … Continue reading

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【Interviews】 Evaluating Japan-U.S. bilateral talks under TPP (Sept. 26, 2014)

  Hiroshi Isoda, associate professor at Kyushu University Graduate School We have seen reports at home and abroad saying Japan presented a “proposal with flexibility” in the minister-level bilateral negotiations with the United States under the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks which ended Wednesday, Sept. 24. We cannot be sure of what the government exactly presented unless it is disclosed to the public, but if the situation is as reported, we must assume that the proposals indicate further compromises by the Japanese side, considering that Japan had taken the latest round of talks as the crucial point in the negotiations. Japan could have made concessions even more than the level agreed … Continue reading

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【Interviews】 International Co-operative Alliance head stresses significance of co-ops as business model (Sept. 18, 2014)

  Following is an interview with International Co-operative Alliance President Pauline Green regarding global trends surrounding co-operatives and the focus of the organization’s report on Japan’s deregulation expected to be compiled next month. She is a member of an inquiry commission established by the ICA to look into Japan’s deregulation. Q. Co-operatives are generally more vulnerable to risks such as financial crisis compared with private enterprises. In spite of that, governments in many areas are said to be interfering in co-operative activities. A. This is because co-operatives’ presence is getting bigger. Co-operatives have become bigger in size and stronger, thus attracting more attention. We now receive more attention as a … Continue reading

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【Interviews】 U.S. flexibility indispensable, head of LDP’s TPP panel says (March 15, 2014)

  Japan should cooperate closely with other countries to make the United States more flexible in negotiating for the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks, Koya Nishikawa, head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s TPP panel, said in an interview with The Japan Agricultural News, prior to March 15 which marks the one-year anniversary of Japan joining the talks. Nishikawa also expressed strong determination to conclude the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement. Q. What was the LDP’s stance concerning the TPP negotiations in the past year? A. Reaching agreement in the TPP talks is one of the important pillars of the Abe administration’s growth strategy. While Japan’s agricultural industry is under attack from … Continue reading

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