[Joy of Noh no Ikebana] Sakiko Hoshino (69) from Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture: Look at the bright color of the season!

Early-summer fruits and flowers in Reiwa era

Early-summer fruits and flowers in Reiwa era

I began Noh no Ikebana in 2016. It’s a beginner-friendly hobby as it has no rigid rule. I decided to make the new challenge when I saw my grandmother-in-law’s favorite plum tree bore fruit. It reminded me of her face and how gentle she was to me. While making the arrangement, I discovered a new side of myself, and since then, this is my favorite hobby.

I make my arrangement often in mid-summer when we have not many flowers around. I put my arrangements at my entrance, and my visitors love them very much and say they are lovely.

This time, I combined chrysanthemum, a favorite flower of my grandmother-in-law, with vegetables I harvested in the morning and some small green autumn fruits. I came up with the idea when I was trimming a Banpeiyu tree in the garden. The image behind this is that the fruits are starting to talk to each other, and you can hear laughter.

Using ripe autumn fruits is also good, but I think they are cute even when they are still green and small. The baskets and a pot are also from the collection of my grandmother-in-law.

Currently, I’m thinking of making a local group of Noh no Ikebana lovers and invite many others to join me. I also hope to host an ikebana event for kids.

<Containers> Bamboo baskets, a pot, and a vase

<Materials> A pumpkin, kidney beans, shishito green peppers, plums, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, shiso, etc.

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