[Joy of Noh no Ikebana] Fumiko Sasaki (66) from Shiwa Town, Iwate Prefecture: Feel fresh cool air from soba-noodle-making-themed arrangement

My and my husband's hobby

My and my husband’s hobby

“I began Noh no Ikebana four years ago. A member of a local Noh no Ikebana group invited to me to join them at an event at an agricultural research center in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture.

With Noh no Ikebana, we are free to arrange everything we see in our daily lives such as vegetables and flowers, and I think it’s lovely. The location is also part of the arrangement, and I have an unlimited number of ways to express myself.

Usually, I put small, simple, and casual arrangements at my entrance. I’d like to continue doing it and make more arrangements in a wider variety. I also want to go to recycle shops to look for good containers.

The theme of today’s arrangement is “making soba noodles,” which is my and my husband’s hobby. Buckwheat is accompanied by spring onions and a daikon radish, which are common fresh condiments for soba noodles, and soba flowers are so pretty. A chopping board, a rolling pin, and a kitchen knife are tools used for making soba noodles, and chopsticks and a soba choco cup are indispensable when eating soba. So, I place them to create the image of making soba. Hope it’ll make you feel some fresh cool air.”

<Containers and tools> A bowl, a basket, a wooden plate, a cutting board, a rolling pin, a kitchen knife, chopsticks, and a soba choco cup

<Materials> Buckwheat, soba flowers, a daikon radish, and spring onions

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