[Our Noh no Ikebana] “See how grains are bending their heads down,” says Shihoko Matsuo, 78, from Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture

“Joy of Harvesting”

“Joy of Harvesting”

“The charm of Noh no Ikebana is in how we can enjoy it with friends. There is no particular style, and we are free to do anything. Vegetables in funny shapes have characters, and they are excellent materials for the arrangements. I think of the growth path of each agricultural product and try to express their stories in my arrangements.

I began to pay attention to the joy of finding buds, the beauty of veggie flowers, and the fragility of life even during the daily usual agricultural works. When I find out-of-the-size-and-shape vegetables, I feel happy and start to think about how I can use them in my arrangements.

I place importance on local specialties. Hachimantai is known for producing several kinds of cereals such as millets. I often use them in my work to promote the hometown.

The theme for today’s arrangement is “Joy of Harvesting.” I put rice and millet spikes that are full of ripe, heavy grains in front to express the rich harvest.”

<Containers> a water basin

<Materials> millet spikes, gentians, rice spikes, burning bushes, small chrysanthemums, etc.

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