[Our Noh no Ikebana] “Feel the passing of summer,” says Katsuko Yoshimura, 73, from Gokase, Miyazaki Prefecture

“Colors of early autumn looking brilliant in front of green tea garden”

“Colors of early autumn looking brilliant in front of green tea garden”

“Since I began Noh no Ikebana, I come to take a closer look at small changes in agricultural products. Now I know that vegetables have such beautiful flowers, fruits change colors day by day and sprouting onions are so cute. The best part of Noh no Ikebana is how we can arrange the materials freely without any restrictions.

Our Noh no Ikebana group was established in 1998. Now we have eight members. To make our arrangements even more attractive to the audience, we sometimes ask some of the members who have experience in traditional-style ikebana for some advice.

The theme today is early autumn. What you see in the background is the tea garden stretching out in Gokase town. While we still grow summer vegetables, chestnuts and persimmons are becoming bigger and bigger. With this arrangement, I expressed the cycle of the seasons. “

<Containers> Large baskets, straw rain cape, bamboo baskets and chairs

<Materials> Watermelons, pumpkins, chestnuts, persimmons, sweet potatoes, red bell peppers, etc.

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