Japanese farmers and food makers gather to boost exports

TOKYO, March. 17 ― Japan’s agriculture ministry has held a conference, which brought together 150 farmers and food makers across the country to discuss how to find markets to export their products.

The conference, which was taken place on March 16 in Tokyo, was broadcasted live on Niconico Live to about 150 online viewers, according to the ministry.

The move was part of the Global Farmers Project (GFP), the agriculture ministry’s initiatives to help farmers to become entrepreneurs seeking export business opportunity, as the government aims to boost farm exports as well as farmers’ incomes.

The GFP was launched in August 2018 and has now 1,011 registered members.

The main mission of the GFP is to promote Japan’s farm exports and to identify opportunities in overseas markets. It offers, for example, export assessment for farmers and matching services to make farmers match with traders for exports.

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