Japan to push Fukushima’s food safety to dispel nuke anxiety

TOKYO, Feb. 9 ― Japan’s reconstruction agency, which leads recovery from the 2011 earthquake and nuclear disaster, will kick-off a campaign to promote farm products from Fukushima prefecture.

The agency said on Feb. 8 that it will start broadcasting a nation-wide TV commercial on Fukushima produce, aiming to dispel rumors about its safety in the wake of the meltdown at the Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s No.1 power station in the prefecture in 2011.

It has also set up a new website to explain the current situation in Fukushima prefecture, including radiation and progress in reconstruction efforts.

The move comes as the eighth anniversary of the March 11 disaster approaches.

“There are still price gaps in farm products between Fukushima and other prefectures. We hope more people will learn that Fukushima produce is as safe as others,” an official from the reconstruction agency said.

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