Japan’s cooperatives promote locally grown cabbage in Tokyo

TOKYO, Jan. 13 ― Japanese main growers of fresh cabbage have joined hands to promote their products at Ota Ichiba, the country’s largest flower and vegetable wholesale market, at a time when the import volumes are rising in Japan.

The increase in imports of cabbage is attributed to traders’ assumption of poor domestic cabbage crop due to bad weather last year.

It had been raining a lot last September in production areas, namely Chiba, Kanagawa and Aichi prefectures. But the domestic cabbage crop recovered as favorable weather conditions continued since then, boosting domestic production.

Despite late last year’s good harvest, the rising imports of cabbage has resulted in pushing domestic prices down.

As of late January, domestic cabbage dropped to 75 yen per kilo, almost 40 percent below the average price of the last five years.

According to the finance ministry, cabbage imports in November amounted to 5,249 metric tons, more than triple in the same month a year earlier.

So, the growers in the three prefectures held a joint event on Jan. 12 to promote their fresh produce by serving the cabbage at Ota Ichiba.

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