Japan strikes deal to export eggs to bird flu-stricken S. Korea

TOKYO, Nov. 28 ― Japan has reached a deal that will open the door for its exports of shell eggs to South Korea, as the neighboring country is fighting its worst outbreak of highly pathogenic avian flu that has devastated the poultry industry, Japanese government and industry official said.

“I hope it will boost egg exports to Korea,” said Japanese Agriculture Minister Takamori Yoshikawa at a Nov. 27 press conference.

The Japanese agriculture ministry has been negotiating with South Korea’s government since September 2016 to enable shipments of Japanese-grown shell eggs for traditional Korean dishes, such as bibimbap and yukke, which normally accompany with a raw egg on top.

The worst outbreak of the bird flu was recorded in South Korea in late 2016 when a record 30 million birds were culled. That sent egg prices soaring and created a shortage.

An official from the Japan Poultry Association said: “It is easier to export our products to markets like Korea because it is so close to Japan. I hope this will secure a new market.”

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