JA Fruits Yamanashi debuts “Christmas Shine” Muscat for holy night

20181220 聖夜に光を 「クリスマスシャイン」登場 JAフルーツ山梨YAMANASHI, Dec. 20 – An agricultural cooperative in Yamanashi Prefecture, JA Fruits Yamanashi, has started to sell this year a limited version of a popular grape variant Shine Muscat, “Christmas Shine.” By combining the popular variant and the jolly year-end festivity, it intends to add value to the products. Trademark registration for “Christmas Shine” was obtained on November 9.

It will come in a fancy box, only one piece in each box, with a pretty red tag that says “Christmas Shine Muscat” in impressive gold letters. They also put a bell to connect it to Christmas and a white Japanese traditional washi wrapping paper to give it an image of winter and snow. Only a limited number of the products will be available in the market, while some are offered as a gift for a winter campaign of JA Fruits Yamanashi’s credit section. Or you can find some at a farmers’ market of JA Fruits Yamanashi

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