Asian farmers integrate into Asian Farmers’ Group Coperation

TOKYO, Sept. 20 ― Heads of the East Asian Agricultural Organization Council (EAOC) have agreed to dismantle the group and integrate it to the Asian Farmers’ Group of Cooperation (AFGC), which represents agricultural organizations of more Asian countries.

The EAOC, comprised of farmers from Japan, India, South Korea, Mongolia and Taiwan, held its last high-level meeting on Sept. 18-19 in Tokyo.

The meeting was organized by the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (JA-ZENCHU).

The JA-ZENCHU also provides the permanent secretariat of the AFGC, consisted of farmers’ group of 10 countries: Japan, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

Such meeting gives an opportunity to share initiatives and experiences, aiming at strengthening farmers organizations and their network in effective engagement in policy and in enhancing its economic services to the participating members.

The AFGC will hold the next high-level meeting at Da Nang, Vietnam in March 2019.

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