Japan’s students report women running farms in New Zealand

TOKYO, Aug. 30 ― A group of 20 Japanese high school girls have reported their field trip to New Zealand to look at female dairy farmers who are running their farms.

The Japanese female youth delegates told an audience in Tokyo on Aug. 29 that female dairy farmers in New Zealand are breaking glass ceilings and changing stereotypes.

“Women are very strong and passionate of being in modern dairy farming,” said one of the delegates.

Another delegate pointed out: “There are support mechanisms for female farmers who got pregnant.”

The 10-day trip was part of the Future Young Female Dairy Farmers program, organized by the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC).

The program, funded by The Japan Racing Association (JRA), aims to create a dialogue around the importance of their active role in the dairy industry.

The female youth delegates plan to make their presentation five times nationwide starting in October.

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