【Series】 Our Noh no Ikebana : “We expresse the power of the Sun,” says Nobuko Ebisawa, 73, from Ibaraki town, Ibaraki Prefecture (Aug. 3)

“Colors of Summer”

“Colors of Summer”

“Five years ago, I participated in an event presented by a local all-female group of Noh no Ikebana arrangers. Then after that, I began Noh no Ikebana. The fun of Noh no Ikebana for me is how we arrange something very ordinary, vegetables and flowers, freely and using our senses.

Usually, I enjoy having a small arrangement of a small number of materials at the entrance. I make dried flowers too so that I can enjoy them throughout the year.

I made this arrangement with a friend of mine, Ritsuko Yasu, 75. The theme is the gift of summer. Sunflowers represent the Sun, while corns, tomatoes, and all other summer vegetables accompany them. What you see in the background is Yasu-san’s rice filed. Altogether, we expressed the colors and power of the summer. ”

<Container>  ittomasu (wooden bucket to measure rice), a basket made of Japanese wisteria vine, and a cart

<Materials> Corns, tomatoes, grape tomatoes, garlic, sunflowers, canna, hydrangea (ajisai) and daisies

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