Japanese farmers and consumers rally on TPP11 related bills

TOKYO, June 15 — Japan’s farmers and consumers have gathered in Tokyo’s Chiyoda on June 14, on the day that marked the passage of the revised Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), known as the TPP-11, in the upper house.

On the same day, lawmakers started deliberations over the TPP-11 related bills, including measures to compensate farmers.

The opposition parties argue potential adverse affects of the TPP-11 on farmers if the agreement is implemented.

Civil society organizations such as, Japan Family farmers Movement (NOUMINREN) and Palsystem Consumers’ Co-operative Union joined the protest.

Participants were holding signs that read: “Block the TPP-11 related bills.” “We oppose the TPP Plus agenda!”

The Abe Administration desperately wants to pass the TPP-11 and related bills in the current parliamentary session that ends on June 20, a move Tokyo hopes would spur other 10 countries to hurry as well.

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