【Series】 Our Noh no Ikebana : “Let’s celebrate new year with happy decoration,” says Sachie Sano from Nantan city, Kyoto (Jan. 5)

Happy healthy bowwow year!

Happy healthy bowwow year!

“Usually, I have a large basket in the entrance hall and enjoy arrangements with silver glasses, persimmon branches and other mountain flowers and fruits. I also like crafting and sometimes enjoy making akebia vine wreaths. Most of the people here enjoy the arrangement in the same way, I think. It’s more fun to decorate agricultural products than flowers you bought, isn’t it?

The theme of the arrangement today is the new year holidays. I used a pole for Koinobori carp-shaped streamers, and I wrap it with straw matting to make it look like a dog with long ears. It’s the year of the dog in the Chinese astrological calendar, you see. The eyes are Chinese lemons and the month is Manganji green pepper. I also made a rope on my own to give my dog a collar. Then the dog is surrounded by a lot of vegetables from last autumn. This way, I wanted to make the arrangement a cheerful and happy one for the new year.”

<Container>  A straw matting, a Shimenawa rice straw rope, baskets, and a wooden measure

<Materials>  Japanese radish, Chinese lemons, spaghetti squashes, butternut squashes, etc.

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