ZEN-NOH Aomori pushes Japanese apple exports to Vietnam

AOMORI, Nov. 29 — Japanese apple growers in the northern region hope to export more apples to Vietnam at a time when the domestic market has been shrinking.

The ZEN-NOH Aomori group, which is responsible for the sale of agriculture products in Aomori prefecture, resumed exporting its apples to Vietnam in 2015 when the Southeast Asian country lifted a 5-year ban on apple imports from Japan.

But the export volume was disappointing at 119 tons in 2016, as strong rains and winds destroyed crops in the Aomori region.

The group aims to triple the exports to Vietnam to 350 metric tons this year, with their variety of “Fuji” “Kinsei” “Jonagold” and “Sekaiici” up to February 2018.

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