Singapore’s Changi Airport shop offers Japanese food-themed

Premium Japan Farmers’ Market at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Premium Japan Farmers’ Market at Singapore’s Changi Airport

SINGAPORE, Oct. 22 — A grocery store specializing in Japanese-grown farm goods is making its presence felt at Changi Airport in Singapore, Asia’s most popular airport, after being open for only a short time.

The Premium Japan Farmers’ Market opened in September and features Japanese-grown food, including wagyu beef, sake and rice milk.

The best-selling product is a ready-to-eat boxed lunch, the iconic bento, according to ADiRECT Singapore, the operator of the shop.

The menu’s main staples are Japanese-grown rice, beef, grilled salmon and vegetables at a price of 980 yen.

All the products are supplied by Zen-Noh International, a subsidiary of Japan’s National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Association, known as ZEN-NOH.

“We are planning to sell Japanese-grown products at their seasonal best so that foreign customers can experience them,” said an official from Zen-Noh International.

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