ZEN-NOH to sell more agricultural and livestock products overseas via newly online shop in largest internet shopping mall in Hong Kong

TOKYO, August 29―National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) began selling Japanese agricultural and livestock products online in Hong Kong, Japan’s largest export market of agricultural, forest and fishery products and food. According to an announcement on August 28, 2017, the federation of agricultural cooperatives in Japan has opened an online store for Japanese agricultural and livestock products in HKTVmall, the biggest online shopping mall in Hong Kong. ZEN-NOH wants to explore new markets and boost exports of Japanese agricultural and livestock products overseas.

In April this year, ZEN-NOH placed a new division dedicated to the promotion of the export of Japanese agricultural products and decided to have ZEN-NOH International Corporation, one of the subsidiaries of ZEN-NOH, handle all export operations that are currently carried out by ZEN-NOH and some ZEN-NOH subsidiaries. All these efforts to establish larger and more integrated export structure will be combined with the addition of production areas, test transportation utilizing CA (controlled atmosphere) containers, and the development of export strategies by regions and countries.

The new online shop is currently offering rice, fruits, vegetables, beef, and pork. If the sales go well, the offering will be expanded in the future. “We would like to enlarge the selection by successfully capturing consumers’ needs in Hong Kong,” said an official from the Agricultural Products Export Promotion Division of ZEN-NOH.

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