【News】 ZEN-NOH exercises experimental ocean shipment of fresh strawberries to Hong Kong with controlled atmosphere shipping container to cut transportation costs (Feb. 22, 2017)

ZEN-NOH (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations), a national business organization of agricultural cooperatives based at Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, completed an experimental ocean shipment of 4,700 packs of fresh strawberries (averagely 200 grams per pack) to Hong Kong by February 22.

These strawberries will be demonstrated at Japan’s Strawberry Fairs to be held there.

ZEN-NOH has been seeking for a possibility of exporting Japanese strawberries to Hong Kong by sea.

Staff members of ZEN-NOH will receive the shipment in Hong Kong and check hardness and shape of strawberry fruits as well as make a research on consumer trends at the Fairs.

Ocean freight is much less than air freight, but shipping by sea takes much more time than shipping by air.

ZEN-NOH used controlled atmosphere (CA) shipping containers for sending strawberries to Hong Kong.

These CA containers can keep strawberries fresh during a long-distance ocean transportation through reducing breathing activity of the fruits by controlling temperature and oxygen content in the containers.

At the Japan’s Strawberry Fairs, consumers in Hong Kong will be invited to participate in an event of comparing strawberries produced in different countries as well as those of different varieties.

Information on consumers’ favorites and needs of retail shops in Hong Kong will be reflected into ZEN-NOH’s future strategy to export fresh strawberries grown by Japanese farmers.

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