【News】 Japan’s soy milk production hit fresh record in 2016: Habitual drinking and cooking boost consumption (Feb. 14, 2017)

Demand for soy milk has been continuously increasing in Japan. According to a survey conducted by Japan Soymilk Association based at Chiyoda ward, Tokyo, production of soy milk increased 3.5 percent to 313,999 kiloliters in 2016, hitting the record for nine straight years since 2008.

Habitual drinkers of the soy milk increased in the health-oriented market. Extension of its uses particularly in cooking and confectionery production has also given a boost to its consumption.

Among many kinds of the soy milk, production of non-adjusted soy milk remarkably rose 13.2 percent to 75,933 kiloliters. Adjusted soy milk, which has the biggest share in the total production of soy milk, also boosted its production to 170,587 kiloliters, 3.7 percent up over the previous year.

People of the Japan Soymilk Association expect that soy milk consumption will be further increasing in Japan, judging from a precedent that hotels are serving soy milk to guests at breakfast in some of foreign countries.

Soy milk consumption per person per year is 2.5 liters. The Soymilk Association has set a target of increasing the per capita consumption to 4 liters by 2020.

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