【Booklet】Trace the origin of cooperative in JAPAN― Mind of benevolence, and executing skills (Jan 1, 2015)

At any age, people are living having difficulty of their own. The cooperative movement began trying to solve their economic and social problems, such as tyranny of loan sharks in the Meiji era, food shortages during the war and post-war, pollution during the period of high economic growth, and expansion of the income gap…. By tracing the origin of cooperative movement, we can learn that the pioneers of movements had overcome such various difficulties with their own “benevolence of heart” and “executing skills”.

・Yugaku Ohara and Sontoku Ninomiya

・Tosuke Hirata and Yajiro Shinagawa

・Toyohiko Kagawa and Masayo ObaMr.

・Yuichiro Nakagawa, Professor of Meiji University


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