A group in Ishikawa Prefecture collects more than 10 million yen in crowdfunding to recover quake-hit rice terraces

ISHIKAWA, Feb. 22 — A group working to preserve the Shiroyone Senmaida rice terraces in the city of Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, seriously damaged by the Noto Peninsula earthquake in January, launched a crowdfunding campaign to recover the terraces and managed to collect funds topping the initial target amount of 10 million yen.

The rice terraces are the collection of 1,004 terraced rice fields and the symbol of Noto’s satoyama and satoumi — traditional landscapes and seascapes where humans live in harmony with the natural environment — which have been added to the list of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The terraces were damaged by the quake, with numerous cracks appearing on the fields.

Members of the group were forced to evacuate to different locations outside the city.

They looked for ways to protect the rice terraces loved by everyone and decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Although they were uncertain how much support they would get, the amount of money they raised reached 10 million yen on Feb. 20, the 15th day of the campaign.

One member said, “We are filled with so much gratitude for the people who care about Senmaida.”

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