Japan Dairy Association starts offering online weekly comic book about only milk

TOKYO, Oct. 3 – Japan’s first and new online comic book with stories about only milk is gathering the attention of social media users. It’s the online magazine called “Weekly Saturday & Sunday Milk ,” for which ten cartoonists already famous on several social media take turns to provide new stories to share the attractiveness of milk. It’s one of the unique initiatives by the Japan Dairy Association (J-milk) to raise milk consumption over the weekends when no school lunch with a pack of milk is provided to children.

The first strip was released on September 30 by Kei Kurata, who is popular for her comic essays about ordinary happenings. The story was about her 4-year-old son’s fascination with milk carton crafting and her gratitude for the milk from all over the country and the dairy cows. It caught many people’s hearts and won approximately 10,000 “likes” in only three days.

One new original story will be offered on the special website on “Saturday and Sunday Milk” or individual SNS accounts of the ten cartoonists, free of charge.

“We think it’s necessary to keep communicating with consumers to share the value of milk and make it their habit to drink milk every day,” a representative of J-milk said. The online comic book will be updated every Saturday until early December.

The image of the online comic magazine by J-milk

The image of the online comic magazine by J-milk

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