Heavy rains in August causes 65.7 bln yen farm loss in Japan

TOKYO, Sep. 11 – Estimated agriculture, forestry, and fishery loss caused by the heavy rainfall continued from August 11 in Japan have risen to 65.7 billion yen, the farm ministry said on September 10, 2021. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF) confirmed damages on farming land and facilities and agricultural products in 39 prefectures. The early estimate as of August 6 was around 59.1 billion yen. The survey is still ongoing and likely to reveal a further rise in the number, according to MAFF.

The estimate as of September 17 is 65.67 billion yen. Those in two prefectures for which the heavy rain emergency warning was issued were 15.4 billion yen in Saga and 9.2 billion in Fukuoka. They account for almost 40% of the confirmed nationwide damage.

A total of 25 prefectures reported the loss of agricultural products worth 7.64 billion yen in total. There were many reports about flooding on farming land for vegetables and fruits and damages to greenhouses. Also, 35 prefectures reported damage to agricultural land and facilities worth 31.72 billion yen as a whole, primarily due to sand inflow and flooding on the facility.

Forestry damage nationwide reached 25.98 billion yen. The number of reports about damage to fill slopes and other forestry road facilities was the highest at about 4,000, followed by the damage to woodland.

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