Vietnam lifts ban on imports of Unshu oranges from Japan

TOKYO, Sept. 15 – Japan-grown Unshu Mandarin oranges can be exported to Vietnam starting on Oct. 1 if they meet certain requirements, the agriculture ministry announced on Sept. 14.

The oranges to be exported should be cultivated at registered farmlands and go through inspections for citrus fruit flies and other pests.

The ban on shipments of the oranges will be lifted effectively for products which will be harvested next year.

The ministry estimates that the value of exports for the initial year will be around 9 million yen.

The ministry will start recruiting growers who want to register their farmlands at the Plant Protection Station to export the oranges. The growers should also take measures to prevent and exterminate pests that Vietnam keeps watch over, and conduct fruit sorting and packaging at registered facilities.

Eight pests including citrus fruit flies are subject to quarantine.

Since pest inspections have not been conducted on products harvested this year, exports will start with products to be harvested next year, an official at the ministry’s plant protection division said.

Japan exported a total of 981 tons of Unshu oranges in 2020, equivalent to 518.7 million yen, according to the ministry.

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