JA Fruits Yamanashi sells limited number of Hello Kitty peaches

“Natsukko” peaches with Hello Kitty on skin (in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture)

“Natsukko” peaches with Hello Kitty on skin (in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture)

YAMANASHI, Jul. 30 – A local agricultural cooperative in Yamanashi Prefecture sold a limited number of peaches with an image of a popular Sanrio character, “Hello Kitty.” One of the world’s most popular cat and the JA Fruits Yamanashi collaborated to promote the consumption of the local summer fruits.

The JA used Yamanashi’s patented technology to “print” the image on locally-grown “Natsukko” white peaches, which are currently in high season. Approximately two weeks before harvesting, peach growers wrapped each one of the fruits on the trees with a stocking with a light-blocking sticker to make the cute character appear clearly on the skin of the fruit. Last year, they printed the image of “Yogen no tori (a bird of prophecy),” a legendary creature that is said to keep illnesses away in Japan, to add value to the local product.

“They taste good and look good. I hope we can make many people happy,” the JA said.

The Hello Kitty peach was sold only at a local farmers’ market in early August with a price starting at 1,000 yen.

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