JA Group Ibaraki and Kubota holds drive-in-theater-style agricultural machine show avoiding 3Cs

Mid-sized tractors with attachments and accessories making demonstration run in the show

Mid-sized tractors with attachments and accessories making demonstration run in the show

IBARAKI, Dec. 3 – An agricultural cooperative group in Ibaraki Prefecture (JA Group Ibaraki) and Kubota Corporation held a very new agricultural machinery show at the JA Agricultural Machinery Center in Ibaraki Town, Ibaraki Prefecture. The show was held in a setting like a drive-in theater, avoiding 3Cs (closed, crowded, and close-contact environments) and the spread of COVID-19 for the first time as an agricultural cooperative in Japan.

A 270-inch monitor was placed on one side of the center stage to display product descriptions. Approximately 130 people, mostly corporative members, booked the tickets in advance and enjoyed the show sitting in 67 vehicles in the parking lots.

The attendees listened to the narration using in-car FM radio. “We could learn about the new functions of the new tractors, sitting in the cars. It was good that we could join the show while avoiding the spread of the COVID-19,” one of the participants said.

Kubota brought 26 new vehicles, including large tractors. It also showed a middle-sized tractor and a combine harvester that were chosen
for the JA joint purchase program.

The National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) also introduced a medium-sized tractor chosen by farmers for their joint purchase program for cutting production cost for the first time in the prefecture.

The mid-sized tractor assumes use in farms of around 10 to 30 hectares. It comes with a clutch-less mechanism and a large fuel tank to meet the strong needs of the farmers.

Tsutomu Yagioka, Chairman of Administrative Committee of JA Ibaraki Prefectural Headquarters, said, “I want to take advantage of scale economy, listen carefully to the needs of the cooperative members, and strive to cut the costs of the producers who are working hard.”

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