Japan to hold quinquennial wagyu competition in Hokkaido for first time in 2027

HOKKAIDO, Nov. 26 – Japan’s Wagyu Registry Association has chosen Hokkaido as a host prefecture for the final stage of the 13th National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu in 2027. The quinquennial all-Japan wagyu Japanese beef cattle show, commonly known as Wagyu Zenkyo, is held to confirm how the quality of wagyu is improved nationwide. The largest agricultural and livestock product fair in Japan will be held in Hokkaido for the first time.

Hokkaido is a thriving producer of wagyu cattle and calves. In the fiscal year 2019, the northernmost prefecture of Japan ranked second in wagyu calve production. The prefecture expects that hosting the 2027 Wagyu Zenkyo will boost its presence in the wagyu market and make local wagyu brands more powerful.

Masaki Kushida, Vice Chairman of a local agricultural cooperative (JA Hokkaido Chuokai) and a local Zenkyo bidding council, said, “I am so delighted with the decision to hold the event in Hokkaido.” “We want to make all-Hokkaido efforts to improve the quality of wagyu beef cattle and strengthen the production system, involving all related parties,” stressed Kushida, who is also Chairman of an agricultural and livestock association of Hokkaido.

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