JA Fukuokashi collaborates with pizza delivery chain: hot pizza with fresh surprise gift of flower

Pizza Cooc staff delivering freshly cooked pizza with a large carnation (on April 24 in Fukuoka City)

Pizza Cooc staff delivering freshly cooked pizza with a large carnation (on April 24 in Fukuoka City)

FUKUOKA, Apr. 25 – How about a special treat of a flower for people having pizza delivery at home? A new collaboration between an agricultural cooperative in Fukuoka Prefecture (JA Fukuokashi) and a local pizza delivery chain has begun, and if you order a pizza for home delivery, you are also receiving a flower as a gift from the JA.

The coronavirus outbreak hit flower demand in Japan, but on the contrary, the use of food delivery services is increasing as more people stay home. So, JA Fukuokashi decided to combine them to encourage more people to enjoy flowers at home and create new flower fans. The local co-ops have also agreed to take flowers to their home delivery service customers.

Fukuoka-based pizza delivery chain: we want to deliver healing as well

On April 24, a Fukuoka-based pizza delivery chain, Pizza Cooc, began the delivery of pizza with a flower at its 14 outlets in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, as the first attempt of this kind. A large gerbera, rose, or carnation grown by local flower growers is delivered to the customers with a hot fresh pizza. JA bought the flowers from the producers and offered them to Pizza Cooc for free.

After the announcement of the emergency, the order to Pizza Cook has increased by about 20%. The company agreed with the proposal of the administration and JA, as they want to “deliver healing as well (Pizza Cook Business Division).” Flowers were wrapped and carried in a cool bag, and the pizza delivery staff will hand them to their customers. People are often surprised to see the unexpected gift, the company said, but “most of them look happy, especially female customers.” JA prepared 2,200 flowers. “We’ll look at customers’ feedback and do that again if possible,” said the company.

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