[Joy of Noh no Ikebana] Mitsue Shimizu (67) from Tachikawa City, Tokyo: Focus on unique shape of taro stem



“I’m a member of Noh no Ikebana Club in Tokyo.

We often use unwashed vegetables with Noh no Ikebana. That way, we feel the energy, warmth, and peacefulness of the earth.

The theme of this arrangement is “Harvest” in autumn. First, I chose a taro stem, and next, other materials that go well with the centerpiece. I try to focus on the shape of the stem.

Noh no Ikebana is fun, but it can also be challenging. I grow tomatoes and other vegetables, but what I grow is limited. So, many of the materials in my arrangements come from my friends’ farm. Sometimes, I’m not sure if I am treating the materials respectfully enough, but I am fortunate to have friends who keep encouraging me and tell there is no fixed style and it’s all right to appreciate individual touch and ideas. So, I can keep going.”

 <Container & Tool> A reel and a jute bag

<Materials> Taros, sweet potatoes, pomegranate fruits, persimmons, and Chinese chives

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