[Joy of Noh no Ikebana] Miyoko Nakamura (90) from Sakawa Town, Kochi Prefecture: Purple flowers and vegetables will give my arrangement beautiful colors

“Colors of Early Summer”

“Colors of Early Summer”

“I made my first Noh no Ikebana arrangement almost ten years ago when I saw one of my friends in my neighborhood started to post photos of her artworks. In my first arrangement, I remember, I used red and white flowering kale and white Japanese daikon radish and put them in a big shallow ball called sawachi, which we use for local dishes.

Since then, I’m having fun making arrangements on my own, using unique materials such as funny-shaped sprouting Konjac and a monster daikon radish. In Noh no Ikebana, I can express my imagination freely, and that’s why I like it very much.

The theme of this arrangement is “Colors of Early Summer.” I chose early-summer greens and flowers and pear branches that I cut for pruning. I put the materials in a traditional woven carry basket and place the basket on a flat winnowing basket with vegetables from my farm. I placed greens like aspidistra elatior and hosta sieboldiana in the middle and added shining purple onions, potato shoots, and Japanese tree peonies to give my arrangement vivid purple colors.”

<Containers> A flat winnowing basket, a woven carry basket, and a small bamboo basket

<Materials> Purple onions, gingers, potatoes, Japanese cobra lilies, aspidistra elatior, Japanese tree peony, nandina, branches of pears, etc.

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