[Joy of Noh no Ikebana] Yasutoshi Morita (69) from Iga City, Mie Prefecture: Happy to see you again this year!

“The Birth of the Bamboo Shoot”

“The Birth of the Bamboo Shoot”

“I began learning ikebana in my twenties. Since then, it’s my hobby. I’m a farmer, so I use wildflowers, green items from the mountains as well as agricultural products and tools. I put my arrangements at the entrance to welcome my guests. Or I sometimes have them displayed at the local festivals.

When I make an arrangement, I start by thinking about a story. I enjoy the most when I’m thinking about tools and flowers, places, and themes. Making notes and drawings is also helpful in creating an arrangement which is close to your image.

I always place importance on “subtracting.” I try to hold my temptation to show all of the flowers I have and stop myself when I feel “it may be better to add one more piece.”

The theme of this arrangement is “The Birth of the Bamboo Shoot.” I used an early season bamboo shoot to express my happiness to meet them again this year. The bamboo shoot sits in a wooden tub for the first bath of newborn babies. In this arrangement, small white flowers of Japanese andromeda are bubbles, and red flowers of rhododendron obtusum are the joy I find in the birth of a new life and celebrations.

<Containers and tools> Samba oke (a wooden tub for the first bath of newborn babies) and obi (a sash for kimono)

<Materials> A bamboo shoot, Japanese andromeda, rhododendron obtusum, etc.

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