[Our Noh no Ikebana] “I’d like to celebrate the coming of the autumn,” says Michiko Sekimori, 70, from Chofu, Tokyo

“Fall finally came!”

“Fall finally came!”

“I’ve been enjoying Noh no Ikebana for almost 13 years. One day, I saw the arrangements of the No-no-ikebana group in Tokyo at a gathering among female farmers in Tachikawa, Tokyo, and thought I want to do it myself.

“Look, you are going to be a star. Let’s have fun on the stage together.” I always talk to the flowers and materials silently while I make arrangements.

The theme of this arrangement I created this October is “Fall finally came!” It’s been a very hot summer, so I used Japanese silver grass and persimmons to express my happiness to welcome the autumn.

I would like you to pay extra attention to sunchoke flowers. You can’t buy them at the flower shops, but they are so cute. They bring beautiful colors to you in early autumn.”

<Containers> A screen, straws, and straw mattings

<Materials> Japanese silver grass, sunchoke flowers, persimmons, etc.

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