Japan sets up online site for geographical indication products

TOKYO, March 31 — The agriculture ministry has set up a new site for Japan’s geographical indication (GI) products to raise awareness and appreciation for the nation’s rich culture and collective intellectual heritage.

The site includes a list of registered GIs with images, movies and voices, featuring interesting facts and stories in Japan. It also includes a search engine to find GI products by types, names and regions.

The site carries the services with content translating into English, Chinese and Thai.

The Japanese government is working to extend its GI system globally through bilateral trade agreements.

It aims to tackle food fraud, ensure quality, protect regional and traditional food industries and to support a price premium for regional produce.

“We hope this site will function as a gate for overseas retailers as well as foreign governments to familiarize themselves with Japanese GI products,” said an official from the agriculture ministry’s GI department.

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