ZEN-NOH suggesting new ways of eating rice in collaboration with all-you-can-eat Sweets Paradise cafés in Japan

Rice parfait aim at boosting rice consumption (in Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Rice parfait aim at boosting rice consumption (in Shinjuku, Tokyo)

TOKYO, Oct. 25 – National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations (ZEN-NOH) started offering rice parfait at Sweets Paradise buffet restaurants in three major cities in Japan. The collaboration between ZEN-NOH and the buffet chain restaurants aims to propose new ways of eating rice particularity to young women. The original menu is to be offered until November 5, 2017.

The shops began offering three types of rice dishes in a parfait glass, served with diced avocado, baby leaves, imitation crabmeat, and soy ponzu-dressing jelly sauce, for example. To get all the attention of Instagram photographers, particularly of young female users of the popular Internet-based photo-sharing service, they are very photogenic.

They are served at three selected Sweets Paradise shops in Tokyo (Shinjuku Myload shop), Nagoya (Nagoya Spiral Tower shop) and in Suita city, Osaka (Osaka Expo City shop) and included in the regular buffet menu at no extra charge.

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