Sushi Big Ferris Wheel and Noodle Slider giving new twists to summer dining at home

Sky Party Sushi Big Ferris Wheel to make your sushi go round and round vertically (in Katsushika, Tokyo)

Sky Party Sushi Big Ferris Wheel to make your sushi go round and round vertically (in Katsushika, Tokyo)

Tokyo, July 27 ― Toys can spice up your eating with kids and relatives during long summer holidays. So, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S in Katsushika, Tokyo, a division of a Japanese famous toy manufacturer, Takara Tomy, is now showing a keen interest in developing toys for dining tables, with amazing outcomes like a big wheel for sushi and a water slide for somen noodles, both looking and entertaining people like attractions of fun parks.

Sky Party Sushi Big Ferris Wheel is a toy released on July 20, 2017. At the cost of merely 10,778 yen, you’ll get your own Ferris wheel for your sushi to go round and round. What’s more, your favorite sushi will be delivered to you on a rollercoaster track attachment, at the flick of a lever.

“Conveyor belt sushi shops are popular among families with young children. So we thought of making sushi plates go round and round on a vertical axis at home,” said a representative of the company. The toy was designed under the supervision of Fuji-Q Highland amusement park. It also comes with a cute-looking sushi-making kit for you to enjoy making your own nigiri rice balls.

Another new on-table attraction produced by Tomy is a big water slide style somen noodle server for home use called Big Stream Somen Noodle Slider Extra Jumbo. It’s released in April 2017 at 18,144 yen to combine two big summer features that every kid in Japan loves: somen and pools.

It has a 5-meter slide with a new exciting attachment to let noodles swing to the left and the right like the latest water slide at the Tokyo Summer Land, a supervisor of the toy. “This product is loved even by grown-ups. The sales are getting stronger, and it ran short even on the release day,” said the company.

According to the manufacturer, both toys are popular particularly among families and party lovers. For grandparents, they are “useful for making their grandchildren come and visit them more often,” while for mothers, they are good at making their “kids eat somen everyday so happily.”

“You can have fun again and again while eating something very usual. More people today enjoy taking pictures of their meals and showing them on SNS (social networking service). This is a category with a potential to grow further,” the company said. Tomy intends to make new toys that feature other popular dishes in Japan, like ramen noodles and curry & rice.

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