【News】Japanese Tofu industry to give clear-cut definition to Tofu items classified with soybean content (June 5, 2017)

The Japanese Tofu industry has begun to implement a campaign for establishing an accurate definition of Tofu items.

The campaign has been led by the Regulation Drafting Committee on Tofu Fair Competition set up by a national organization of Tofu manufacturers in Japan.

According to drafted definition on Tofu, items with the concentration of “solid soybean” more than 10 percent are to be classified into “Tofu,” while ones with 8-10 percent and ones with 6-8 percent are to be defined respectively as “prepared Tofu” and “processed Tofu.”

These definitions will be authorized and announced at the end of March in 2019 after they are examined by the Japan Fair Trade Commission of the government.

On the other hand, Japan Natto Cooperative Society Federation organized by Natto producing companies in the country also plans to carry out a Natto definition program this summer.

The Natto Federation has been concerned that cheaper products named “Natto” with questionable quality are increasing in overseas markets.

“With a view to boosting consumption of Japan-made Natto in foreign countries, it is now quite necessary for us to fix Natto’s strict standards for distinguishing between genuine Natto and fake ones,” a representative of the Japan Natto Federation said.

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