【News】Five national organizations of primary and commerce industries unite with agreement on regional revitalization (May 20, 2017)

JA ZENCHU (Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives), an apex organization of agricultural cooperatives (JAs) in Japan, and other four national organizations representing interests of forestry, fishery, commerce and local industries made an agreement on May 19 to further promote regional revitalization in the country.

These five national organizations wish to maintain and develop the economy of rural areas by promoting local industries and tourism through collaboration among different industries for initiating new business activities such as so-called “AFFrinnovation” or sixth industrialization of agriculture and other primary industries.

After a signing ceremony of the agreement, Choe Okuno, JA ZENCHU’s president emphasized the importance of its implementation, saying “Various industries supporting regional economies have banded together aiming at further promoting cooperation for achieving reginal revitalization in this country.”

Kozo Yamamoto, Minister of State for Regional Revitalization, who had first proposed the agreement, attended the signing ceremony.

Minister Yamamoto expressed his expectation for the leadership to be taken by the five national organizations, adding “I hope your organizations will be also cooperative in carrying out measures necessary for eliminating harmful rumors against farm products shipped from disaster-stricken areas.”

Signatories of the agreement are representatives of the JA ZENCHU, National Federation of Forest Owners’ Co-operative Associations, Nationwide Federation of Japan Fisheries Cooperatives, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry.

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