【News】 Farm policy support rate still standing at less than 30 percent: Japan Agricultural News’ poll finds (April 1, 2017)

Support rating for farm policies of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration is still remaining at a lower level of only 29 percent, although it has risen by four point since the previous poll was conducted in June 2016, the Japan Agricultural News revealed on March 31 in a report on its poll conducted in March 2017 for its 1200 subscribers, mostly farmers, registered as agricultural policy monitors throughout the country.

The opinion poll on farm policies was responded by 909 subscribers.

The approval rating for Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet rose to 48 percent by 11 points over the previous poll, almost equally matching the disapproval rating at 51 percent.

Fifty seven percent of the responders of the poll have not favored the administration’ leadership taken for reforms of agricultural cooperative (JA) organizations, highlighting an abolition of JAs’ central and prefectural unions and an overhaul of supply businesses of ZEN-NOH (National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations) or JAs’ national marketing and supply business organization, with the approval rating at 36 percent.

Regarding the Japan-U.S. economic dialogue beginning this April, the majority of the monitors polled or 48 percent of the 909 respondents urged that the Japanese Government need not to respond to any unreasonable requests of the United States.

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