【News】 “Wagyu” feeders join fifteen-month national competition to win the entitlement to international publicity toward Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics (June 24, 2016)

The 11th National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu (Japanese beef cattle) kicked off at a prefectural-level elimination round held in Kyoto prefecture on June 24.

The National Exhibition has been organized once every five years aiming to provide livestock farmers throughout the country with an opportunity to compete in qualitative improvement of “wagyu” breeds. The 11th National Exhibition is to be held at Sendai-shi in Miyagi prefecture during five days since September 7, 2017.

517 heads of “wagyu” cattle, the largest number ever, are expected to participate in the Exhibition, named “Miyagi-Zenkyo (national competition),” from 39 prefectures in the country.

Feeders of these beef cattle aim to win the national championship at the 2017 final competition in Miyagi prefecture.

The national championship of the “Miyagi-Zenkyo” will give to the winner a good chance to implement publicity activities with an appeal of “Number One Wagyu in Japan” toward the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

For the purpose of getting the national championship, a number of “Wagyu” cattle feeding farmers are now joining the long-term competition, which continues next fifteen months from the prefectural-level elimination round to the final round.

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