Takamatsu-based bonsai grower creates “two-minute picture book” on Bonsai in English on YouTube

Hanazawa with a postcard with a QR code link to the movie.

Hanazawa with a postcard with a QR code link to the movie.

KAGAWA, Jun. 3 – “Bonsai is not just a grandpa’s hobby but something good for the entire family to enjoy.” To deliver such a message, Hanazawa Myoshun En, a bonsai and wild grass and tree grower based in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, created an animation film named “Family Bonsai” and posted it on YouTube. To make it free from fixed ideas, the characters in the story are a family of unidentified nationality. To make it open to non-Japanese visitors, all the conversations are written in English and have Japanese subtitles.

It’s a story of a little girl naming and taking care of her own bonsai with her family. The simple and heart-warming story is a “two-minute picture book,” according to the producer.

“Bonsai is not just about pine trees, and we have many other ways to appreciate it,” said Hakahito Hanazawa, the owner of the bonsai garden. “I hope many people will start enjoying bonsai after watching this story.” He also distributes postcards with a two-dimensional code (QR code) link to promote the movie.

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