【News】 First case of deadly pig virus confirmed in Chubu region (Feb. 18, 2014)


The Aichi Prefectural Government announced Monday, Feb. 17, that a suspected case of porcine epidemic diarrhea at a farm in Yatomi, Aichi, was officially confirmed as the first case of PED in the Chubu region.

There are no other suspected cases reported in the prefecture, according to the prefectural government.

The case in Yatomi was first discovered in Monday, Feb. 10, and the prefectural government’s genetic testing conducted on Wednesday, Feb. 12, showed a positive reaction. Fattening hogs at the farm are showing recovery, but 10 suckling piglets were reported dead. The farm is continuing to take disease control measures including disinfecting.

PED has very high mortality in piglets within 10 days after birth. The first case of PED in seven years was identified in Okinawa in October last year, followed by reports in Ibaraki, Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto prefectures.

(Feb. 18, 2014)

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